Saskia van Loon, PhD student from Information Systems group receives Catharina Hospital’s Annual Best Poster Award

Each year, Catharina Hospital Eindhoven organizes a Science Event in which state-of-the-art research done in collaboration with diverse partners is presented. One of these partners is the Information Systems group of the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences, where there is long-term collaboration on healthcare analytics and healthcare process support.

This year, the annual CZE Science Event took place on April 5th, 2018. The best poster prize was won by Saskia van Loon, PhD student within the Data Science flagship of the IMPULS program and the Information Systems group. Saskia researches the possibilities of using ‘big data’ in supporting medical decision making. In her prize-winning poster, Saskia developed a metabolic health index to quantify the health status of bariatric patients with co-morbidities. The work in collaboration with the Department of Biomedical Technology can help monitor the generic health status of patients over the long-term after an operative intervention.

IS group presents at ICT.OPEN 2018

Every year the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research NWO organizes the ICT.OPEN conference for researchers to share their accomplishments and work in ICT research with industry. The event also encourages researchers to pitch their technology and show its potential for industry during the event in Poster and Research Presentations. This year, two PhD candidates of the IS group – Jason Rhuggenaath and Raoul Nuijten – presented their research to the ICT community. And with success: Raoul Nuijten won the Award for Best Poster Presentation in the category Health. The poster exhibited recent research on the eHealth platform GameBus.



Paul Grefen benoemd tot Academic Dean imagine. change. Academy

Speciaal voor geselecteerde executive relaties van Ricoh Nederland, is er de nieuwe Ricoh imagine. change. Academy, die in april 2014 van start gaat. De Ricoh Academy biedt bedrijfskundige insights en een waardevol netwerk gericht op co-makership. Paul Grefen (capaciteitsgroep Information Systems) is recentelijk benoemd tot Academic Dean van deze Academy.
Hoogwaardig Masterclass programma
Ricoh Nederland en TiasNimbas hebben in co-creatie een hoogwaardig Masterclass programma opgesteld, dat tot doel heeft de deelnemers te inspireren en vooral concrete, vernieuwende en waardevolle handvatten te bieden. De imagine. change Academy vormt een uitgelezen manier om met elkaar de dialoog aan te gaan over ontwikkelingen in het bedrijfskundige en ICT landschap.
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