Colloquium Capacity Group IS April 5, 2013

Nan Shan / Pieter Van Gorp (Brainbridge)

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BrainBridge Project: Plan and Progress of IS research


Zhejiang University (China), the Technical University Of Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and Philips Research (with laboratories all over the world) have joined forces in three disciplines of Physics, Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering.

Within this project, our aim is to develop a process-oriented tool set for the improvement and execution of clinical pathways.

In particular, we focus on three aspects of clinical pathway management and their interplay: (1) pathway (performance) management, pathway conformance analysis and (3) pathway redesign.   In this talk, we will first give a general introduction to the project. Then, we will elaborate on the work related to checklist-based decision support.

The use of checklist in healthcare becomes increasingly common since the World Health Organization developed their surgical safety checklist in 2008. These checklists significantly reduced mortality and comorbidity in hospitals. However, healthcare-givers’ adherence and completion of these checklists are still low due to the static nature of these paper-based checklists. On the other hand, guideline based Clinical Decision Support (CDS) systems have been well studied in the past decades. This research aims to develop intelligent support for checklists and make them more accountable and context aware. In this presentation, we will introduce how to model a dynamic checklist for such a purpose and give a demonstration that how it works.