New Employee Harold Lijten

My name is Harold Lijten.
My colleagues describe me as a weathered professional with a broad and deep knowledge of the finance domain and its intersection with  IT.  My  professional specialization is enterprise- software architecture and software development.
During my daily practices some really interesting questions cross my path and they are the reason for me to maintain a solid link with the academic world.

One of these questions which has my attention for a long time is; can we create capabilities within the architecture of an information system which facilitate a substantial increase of the flexibility and life-time of an information system? My strong desire to answer this question has led to some years of research already.
The purpose of my current research is to determine the contribution of the concept scenario planning applied during the process of designing and developing an information system. The main subject of study is researching the possible implications for the life-time of an information system and its architecture when scenario planning is used during the process of design and development.