Colloquium IE&IS/IS April 4, 2014

Egon Lüftenegger

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Service-Dominant Business Design

Egon presents an overview of his journey towards the development of his PhD thesis “Service-Dominant Business Design”, a novel multi-layered framework for business design.   The framework was developed for designing business by adopting the Service-Dominant Logic. The Service-Dominant Logic is a recognized theory for the development of Service Science that focuses on value co-creation and value networks rather than the traditional manufacturing-driven logic driven by value creation and value chains: the Goods-Dominant Logic.

The Service-Dominant Business Design Framework is presented as steps for doing business design by using four layers: Service-Dominant Strategy, Service-Dominant Business Models, Business Service Compositions and Business Services. The layers of the framework were developed as a set of tools for supporting the Service-Dominant Business Design process. These tools were constructed by using Action Design Research (ADR) and literature review as research methods.  By using ADR, Egon worked inside an asset-based financial services company with global footprint for constructing and testing artifacts as management tools that support the Service-Dominant Business Design process.