Colloquium IE&IS/IS – W&I/IS May 3, 2013

J.C. Rantham Prabhakara

Event Details

Dealing with Concept Drifts in Process Mining

In today’s dynamic marketplace, organizations are expected to be flexible and quickly adapt
to changing circumstances so as to reduce costs and to improve performance. Organizations are forced to change their processes over time.
Processes may change suddenly or gradually. The drift may be periodic (e.g., due to seasonal influences) or one-of-a-kind
(e.g., the effects of new legislation). Although most business processes change over time, contemporary
process mining techniques cannot capture such “second-order dynamics” and analyze these processes
as if they are in steady-state. However, detecting and understanding concept drifts is of imminent
importance for organizations. In this talk, we introduce the topic of concept drifts in process mining
and discuss approaches to efficiently uncover a broad range of drifts in processes.

After this talk a drink will take place in the PVOC.