Colloquium IE&IS/IS Feb 6, 2015

Ayça Tarhan

Event Details

The Immaturity of Business Process Maturity Research

Business processes are basic enablers in sustaining an organization’s existence in delivering high-quality products and services. Business process maturity models (BPMMs) can act as an instrument to assess and continually improve business processes. A maturity model incorporates a conceptualization of discrete maturity levels and corresponding best practices for a set of processes in a specific domain. In the last decade, researchers and practitioners have proposed several BPMMs with varied focus and depth. Yet, a recent systematic review of the literature indicated that the use of maturity models has not gained widespread acceptance in the Business Process Management field. Underlying challenges include the scarcity of empirical works confirming the validity and usefulness of the models, limited extent of prescriptive properties of the models impeding their application, and the lack of a clear distinction between the maturity model and the assessment model. This talk, therefore, aims to overview the state of research regarding BPMMs and their effect on business performance, to summarize our ongoing work in the healthcare domain, and to propose an agenda for the future research on this topic.

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