Migrating to an envisioned IT architecture by performing a model-based system evaluation and configuration (with NICTIZ)

The Information Systems group is often contacted by industrial organizations with assignments that could lead to student projects at various levels (master thesis project, bachel completion project, etc.) Through this website we make these topics available to our students. In this post, we announce one such project, involving company NICTIZ.

This project is similar in title to the one entitled Mapping Strategic Goals to a supportive IT landscape architecture. However, the scope is quite different. In this thesis, you will develop a way to map a hospital-specific domain model to a model representing the functionality of a HIS package such as ChipSoft. In a first track of this thesis, you will have to find a good way to model that functionality (i.e., features of a HIS system). You will also have to find an empirical relation between successful/failed HIS deployments, the HIS package has been used for that deployment and the over-arching IT architecture. Finally, you will build a proof-of-concept decision support system (e.g., based on feature diagrams) to formalize the HIS selection procedure. In later stages of the project, the student should reflect on irrational decision making factors as well as strategic influences (cfr., the related thesis topic) too.