Increasing the transparancy of the evidence-based nature of the NICTIZ reference domain model (with NICTIZ)

The Information Systems group is often contacted by industrial organizations with assignments that could lead to student projects at various levels (master thesis project, bachel completion project, etc.) Through this website we make these topics available to our students. In this post, we announce one such project, involving company NICTIZ.

NICTIZ has developed an instrument to model the AS-IS or TO-BE situation of a hospital’s IT architectural landscape. This instrument is called the “referentie domeinen model ziekenhuizen” and it is used in many arhitectural and strategic hospital IT projects in The Netherlands.The NICTIZ reference model is based on a careful observation of successful landscape architectures in Dutch hospitals. Unfortunately, only the resulting reference model is available for now and the following artifacts are missing:
  • the input data set (i.e., the concrete architectures, as observed at Dutch hospitals),
  • the abstraction mechanism (i.e., how were all concrete architectures mapped to one over-arching reference model?

In this thesis, you will reverse engineer these artifacts for some hospitals while you will also work with new hospital partners on an update of the reference model.