Keynote by Prof. Dr. Uwe Zdun

Title: The Changing Role of Software Architecting in the Digital Age

Abstract: The Internet scale of systems, the increasing rate of technology evolution, and the broad adoption of lean and agile practices have triggered a profound change in not only application and infrastructure architectures but also the software architect’s roles and responsibilities. This talk reviews the field’s state of the art and identifies key aspects with regard to the changing role of software architectecting in the digital age.  Both the role of the architect and the architecture evolve, as well as the notion of architectural decision making.

We will discuss the implications for the interplay of architecting processes and the artifacts created during and related to architecting.

Short Bio: Prof. Dr. Uwe Zdun is a full professor for software architecture at the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Vienna. Before that, he worked as assistant professor at the Vienna University of Technology and the Vienna University of Economics respectively. He received his doctoral degree from the University of Essen in 2002. His research focuses on software design and architecture, empirical software engineering, distributed systems engineering (service-based, cloud, mobile, IoT, and process-driven systems), software patterns, domain-specific languages, and model-driven development. Uwe has published more than 210 articles in peer-reviewed journals, conferences, book chapters, and workshops, and is co-author of the books “Remoting Patterns – Foundations of Enterprise, Internet, and Realtime Distributed Object Middleware”, “Process-Driven SOA – Proven Patterns for Business-IT Alignment”, and “Software-Architektur.” He has participated in 26 R&D projects. Uwe is editor of the journal Transactions on Pattern Languages of Programming (TPLoP) published by Springer, Associate Editor of the Computing journal published by Springer, and Associate Editor-in-Chief for design and architecture for the IEEE Software magazine