Industria Congress 2013 highlights big data

Industria, theindcongres Study Association for Industrial Engineering students in Eindhoven organized its annual congress. Industria Congress 2013 had as its theme “Big Data: big business or big brother?”. At the full-day event with prominent speakers and multiple workshops organized by the industry, the potential and the threats of this new phenomenon were discussed. It became clear that the data-centric view of the business introduces new challenges, while it also transforms the society in a fundamental way. I will talk more about this transformation in the course 1BM56, Business Intelligence.

IEEE Forum for Leading Researchers

Today, IEEE has held a forum in Amsterdam for a select group of leading researchers in their fields. This was the third of a series of forums. The other two meetings we held in the United States and in Japan. In the full-day discussions, we tried to understand the current and future status of research processes and tools used in Europe and various parts of the world. Research enterprise is changing significantly at the moment. New ways of publishing, collaborative research in multidisciplinary teams and increasing demand of the society for accountability are fueling these changes. We discussed what the challenges are that come with these changes and how a professional organization like IEEE can help meet these challenges. The outcome of the discussions will soon be shared with the research community.

TRAIL-Beta Congress 2012

The 2012 edition of the BETA Conference has taken place on 30-31 October, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This time, the conference was organized together with TRAIL Conference. The competitive venue at the Stadium of Feyenoord, the famous football team from Rotterdam, was the ideal setting for presenting our recent research results. The healthcare cluster of our department (IS@IEIS) presented recent research results on business process redesign in healthcare. The conference was also a good occasion for interacting with the researchers from the TRAIL research school.


2012 Edition of IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics took place in Seoul, Korea.

Our papers “Addressing Health Information Privacy with a novel Cloud-Based PHR System Architecture” (with Pieter van Gorp, Marco Comuzzi and André Fialho) and “On Process Mining in Health Care” (with Ronny Mans, Tim van de Steeg and Meghan Dierks) received good reactions and generated interesting comments. These comments confirm the interest in this line of research.

The conference also featured a special panel session in honor of the cybernetics pioneer Norbert Wiener. The participants emphasized the importance of systems thinking and multidisciplinary engineering systems research for addressing the societal challenges of the 21st century.