Modeling clinical pathways: MSc defense Lonneke Vermeulen

imageLonneke Vermeulen has defended successfully her M.Sc. thesis titled “A Process Modelling Method for Care Pathways”. She developed a methodology for modeling care pathways using BPMN. Lonneke studied Operations Management & Logistics, and her project was a collaboration with Catharina Hospital Eindhoven.

The goal of this research is to design a process modelling method for care pathways (CP) in hospitals, based on the existing literature of the field as well as experiences from practice that is applicable on any kind of pathway. The method focuses on setting the right requirements for the modelling language and tool such that the model can decide on the best possible model for the project starting from the goals (e.g. communication tool, mapping, checklists). Furthermore, special attention is paid on the missing literature aspects of information gathering necessary to model the CP, the relationship between the goals of the model and the necessary granularity levels, and how to set those granularity levels.