IS Courses

BSc courses:
1BV00 / 1BP06 Business Modelling
1BV10  Design of BIS
1BV20  BIS Management
1BK00  Healthcare Information Systems
1BK10  Healthcare Processes & Technology
1BK20  Business Process Simulation
1BK30  Business Enabling Systems
1BK40  Business Analytics & DS
0LDB0  Introduction to Modeling
1CK10  Introduction to Industrial Engineering

MSc courses:
1BM05 Business Process Management
1BM10 E-Business
1BM16 Executable Models of Operational Processes
1BM20 Software Requirements Management
1BM41 Business Information Systems Architecture
1BM56 Business Intelligence (DMPM)
1BM62 Enterprise Information Systems
1BM65 IT Governance
1BM70 Health Care Business Networks

Postgraduate courses:

  • Architectural Design Management Systems (ADMS):
    Information Strategy
  • Logistic Management Systems (LMS):
    Data and Object Modelling