New Employee Reza Refaei Afshar






I received my Bachelor’s degree from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in 2012 and then, my Master’s degree from University of Tehran in 2015. After that I worked for 2 years as a data scientists in Tehran.

Now, I am a PhD student at TU/e in Information Systems (IS) group. My research focus is on the programmatic advertising decision system project which involves collaboration with high tech industry. My research interests also include data mining, data analysis, machine learning and social networks analysis.

New Employee Paulo De Oliveira Da Costa






I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Computational and Applied Mathematics in 2010 from the University of Campinas (Unicamp), with a specialisation in Operational Research. After my bachelor studies, I worked in Data Analytics roles for 4.5 years at two major companies in the banking sector, based in São Paulo, Brazil.

I then moved to Dublin, Ireland to pursue a Master’s degree in Business Analytics at the University College Dublin (UCD). After completing the programme in 2016, I extended my stay in Ireland working as Data Scientist.

At TU/e I will work within the Information Systems (IS) and the Operations, Planning, Accounting and Control (OPAC) groups as PhD student on the Real-time data-driven maintenance logistics project (WP1), which aims to leverage dynamic maintenance logistics policies supported by real-time data. The topic is focused on the integration of machine learning and optimisation models for more efficient and real-time decision making. I am excited to start working on the topic and looking forward to the next years of learning and collaboration.

New Employee Sander Peters

Foto SPFAs a not so new employee to the group (I did a lot of student-assistantships and my master thesis research within the group), but still a new employee I would like to introduce myself.  I received my Bachelor’s degree and both my Master’s degrees whilst studying at the Eindhoven University of Technology: In 2013 I completed my Bachelor in Industrial Engineering, whereas I recently completed my Masters in Operations, Management & Logistics and Business Information Systems in September of 2016. My main interests are in the area of business process analysis and optimization, especially the combination of logistical processes and the use of data to improve the efficiency of these processes.

I will participate within the Information Systems department as PhD student on the DATAS project, which is aimed to improve processes in the logistical sector by using (real-time) data and statistics combined with improved models for scheduling and planning. I look forward to the coming years and hope to further develop my skills and engage in interesting collaborations!


New employee: Konstantinos Traganos (Kostas)

Traganos_PhotoI obtained my Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2007 (5-years degree) from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece, with a specialization in Communications.
After my studies I fulfilled my military service and then I worked for 3.5 years as a software developer in a private company operating in tourism industry, based in Athens, Greece.

In September 2014 I completed my MSc degree in Business Information Systems, at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), The Netherlands, with a specialization in Business Process Management (BPM). My master project was about the Design of a Standard Architecture for Service Management based on the BASE/X framework, which is a business engineering framework for service-dominant business. The project was carried out at DLL, a global provider of leasing and finance solutions where we also implemented a prototype in a BPM tool (from Pega, a leader in BPM market) to act as a proof of concepts of the BASE/X framework regarding the agility of organizations to offer new service compositions to the market.
During my post-graduate studies, I also worked for a short period as a student assistant, tutoring Bachelor level students for a Design-based learning project.

Upon completion of my master studies, I worked as a Research Assistant in the Information Systems (IS) research group of the Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences (IE&IS) Department of TU/e. I was involved in the “ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) Reference Architecture NL” project, establishing a ground for mobility standard in The Netherlands, taking existing heterogenous architectures into account. A business framework that would show the benefits (and costs) for deployment of mobility systems and the connection to the architecture framework were also objectives of that project. Furthermore, I worked on “PPA (Praktijkproef Amsterdam) Zuidoost” (a large-scale trial designed to reduce traffic jams in the Amsterdam region) project in order to define a business framework to guide the identification of stakeholders, costs and benefits for deployment of ITS applications.

In May 2015 I moved to Luxembourg to work as a software engineeer in TiVo (formerly Rovi Corporation), a global leader in digital entertainment discovery.

Since October 2016, I returned to IS group to work as a Business Information Systems Engineer for Advanced Manufacturing Process Management. My role is part of a larger team of HORSE project, a prestigious and innovative European R&D project in the area of smart factories. The project focuses on the application in manufacturing of business process management concepts, theories and technologies.



New employee: Jason Rhuggenaath

foto TUe v3_smallMy name is Jason and I will be joining the Information Systems group in September. I grew up in Curaçao and when I was 18 years old I left Curaçao to go study in Rotterdam. In 2012 I obtained my Bachelor’s diploma in Economics and in the following years I also obtained Master’s degrees in Economics (2014) and Econometrics and Management Science (2015). For the last two years I worked at CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis as an academic researcher.

The PhD project which I will be working on will aim to develop a decision-support tool for revenue optimization for online companies who provide content or physical goods by combining state-of-the-art techniques from the world of big data and from the world of optimization. Furthermore, the project will involve both the OPAC and IS groups. I am looking forward to getting to know and collaborating with the rest of both groups!



New employee: Rick Gilsing

RickI was born in Roermond, a relatively small though cosy city in the south of the Netherlands, and grew up in Horn, a small village nearby. I received both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree whilst studying in Eindhoven at the Technical University: I completed my Bachelor in Industrial Engineering in 2013, whereas I recently have completed my Master in Innovation Management in May of 2016. My main interests are related to business processes, models and strategy and decision making, whereas I’m also interested in how innovations can change and improve these elements. Not surprisingly, both degrees have already presented me with a good basis on these elements, allowing me to continue to explore these interests.

I will participate within the Information Systems department as part of a PhD project, which will be aimed at developing a method or tool to determine the feasibility of business models for companies which operate in a service-based environment. I hope to present a valuable contribution during my time as a PhD student, but also to learn more and further develop myself during this project, as well as to engage in new collaborations and cooperations!

Project Harvesting SPR repair materials

The Information Systems group is often contacted by industrial organizations with assignments that could lead to student projects at various levels (master thesis project, bachelor completion project, etc.) Through this website we make these topics available to our students. In this post, we announce one such project, involving company Philips.

Background, Present situation:
De Service Parts & Repair afdeling repareert onderdelen (“artikelen”) van medische systemen die in het ziekenhuis defect zijn gegaan voor de Service Parts Supply chain organisatie (SPS) van Philips Healthcare. Met regelmaat kunnen artikelen als geheel niet gerepareerd worden wat betekent dat het in zijn geheel wordt afgevoerd. Er kunnen echter nog bruikbare onderdelen zitten in het af te voeren artikel die bij overige reparaties hergebruikt kunnen worden. Nu maakt men hier géén gebruik van daar het huidige repair proces en SAP systeem hier niet op is ingericht.

Reason why this project is nessecary:
Beoogde efficientie verbetering en kosten besparing binnen de service parts & repair afdeling door hergebruik van onderdelen en tegelijkertijd de afvalstroom reduceren met minder milieubelasting tot gevolg.

De afstudeeropdracht bevat:
1. een haalbaarheidsstudy met daarin de volgende aspecten:
-het opzetten van een business case om mogelijke besparing in kaart te brengen (voornamelijk vanuit financieel oogpunt)
-het toetsen van de uitvoerbaarheid in de huidige SAP omgeving en de mogelijke vereiste aanpassingen daarin
-een 1e opzet van het proces en vereiste wijze van werken (vanuit SAP en logistiek oogpunt)
-het toetsen van de eisen & richtlijnen vanuit Quality & Regulatory, finance oogpunt etc.
op basis waarvan een go/no go beslissing tot implementatie kan worden genomen,
2. de implementatie: het SAP technisch en logistiek (supply chain) inrichten van een compliant process (bij positieve haalbaarheids study), en
3. het opleveren van een procesbeschrijving en benodigde werkinstructies
om onderdelen van niet te repareren artikelen te kunnen hergebruiken via binnen de SAP MBP omgeving op een wijze die voldoet aan gestelde eisen & richtlijnen.
Bij een negatieve business case zal het vervolg van de afstudeeropdracht in onderling overleg opnieuw gedefinieerd moeten worden.

Expect result:
Een kostenbestaring en reductie in af te voeren materialen (minder milieubelastend) als gevolg van hergebruik van onderdelen van niet te repareren artikelen middels een proces wat voldoet aan geldende eisen & richtlijnen binnen de huidige SAP MBP omgeving.

Candidate profile:
De afstudeerder dient een informatie technology/IT study te volgen (liefst met basis SAP kennis) en een haalbaarheidsstudy uit te kunnen voeren waarin een (met name financiele) business case opgezet dient te worden en processen getoetst worden t.o.v. geldende eisen & richtlijnen (o.a. vanuit financieel en quality & regulatory oogpunt)

Contact for more information: Rik Eshuis

New Employee Helen Ma

I did my PhD in the department of Computer Science in The Chinese University of Hong Kong from 2003 to 2006. My research project was bidding strategies in agent based continuous double auctions (CDAs). I had been researching on the new bidding strategy and powerful factors which can improve the performance of existing bidding strategies in CDAs. After that, I had worked as PostDoc from 2007 to 2012 in the national research institute of mathematics and computer science (CWI), and later at the department of the Built Environment, TU/e, The Netherlands. In the meanwhile, I had extended my research area from bidding strategies adopted by agents to the auctions mechanisms in centralized systems and distributed systems. Moreover, giving my experience on multi-agent simulation and adaptive agent behaviour, I had been involved in the activity travel scheduling for multiple individuals where joint activity and travel scheduling, credit mechanism, social network, and negotiation have been interwoven into such a dynamic system. Since 2012, I had been working at R&D, Vanderlande Industries. My work focused on a new generation of software product which plans realtime multiple shuttles’ travelling and meets the throughput requirement in the distribution center.

New Employee Samaneh Bagheri

Samaneh Bagheri received her BSc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ferdowsi University, Iran in 2002. She obtained her M.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering in Dec 2008 from Tarbiat Modares University, Iran.

Now, she conducts her PhD research on “Business-IT alignment within value networks environment” under the supervision of Prof. dr. R.J. (Rob) Kusters and J.J.M. (Jos) Trienekens.

New IS Employee: Mohammad Reza Rasouli

I did my Bachelor’s Degree (2002-2006) in Industrial Engineering at the Amir Kabir University of Technology, Iran and my Master Degree (2006-2008) in Industrial Engineering at Shahed University, Iran .My research project was about achieving strategic fit in supply chain management.

From May, 2006 to September 2006 I was a member of strategic planning team of Pasture Institute of Iran. Also from December 2006 to October 2007 I was the leader of strategic planning and performance assessment team of cultural and art organization of Tehran municipality.

I was manager assistant of management development center of Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran from 2008 to 2009 and I managed different projects such as strategic and operational planning of ministry, implementing excellence model at more than 40 hospitals and taking part at developing 5 year health plan of Iran. I was project manager of strategic planning of Red Crescent Society of Iran in 2010.

From January 2010 to September 2012, I was manager of Planning and Information Technology Office of Social Security Organization of Iran and I managed different projects such as developing architecture of central system of social security and implementing family physician system.

From October 2012, I took part in Smart City project of Tehran municipality as manager of developing architecture and road map of smart city in Tehran.