New IS Employee: Anna Wilbik

In 2004 I received my M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science for thesis about genetic algorithms in learning methods of associative memory.
Directly after my studies I worked as Research Assistant at Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Science. In November 2010 I defended there my Ph. D. in Computer Science with thesis on linguistic summaries of time series using fuzzy sets and their application for performance analysis of mutual funds and got promoted to Assistant Professor.
In spring 2011 I went to Columbia, MO, USA, where I spent a year as a post-doc at Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Missouri. I started working there on application of linguistic summaries to eldercare problem.
Last fall I had chance to participate in Top 500 Innovators Science – Management – Commercialization Program – a professional development program in the field of Science Management and Commercialization held at Stanford University, CA, USA.

Joint Colloquium Beta, July 9, 2013 Speaker Firmino Silva

Firmino Silva

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Towards the Definition of a Framework Supporting High Level Reliability of Services


In today’s networked economy, an increasing need exists for companies to interact dynamically focusing on optimizing their skills and better serve their joint customers. Service oriented computing provides the means to achieve such objectives. This paper presents an approach towards the definition of a framework supporting a choreography of services built according to customer’s requirements. The proposed framework is built on a set of specific metrics that translates the high level reliability of a service, which are calculated at various levels of the choreography, focusing on four main dimensions: technical capacity and performance, product or service purchased, customer satisfaction perspective, and provider’s and business partners’ choreography. This approach is then illustrated and discussed with a case example from the automotive sector.

Joint Colloquium Beta, July 9, 2013 Speaker Paulo Neto

Paulo Neto

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A research roadmap on cost modeling for Cloud Storage


In the advent of cloud computing, public and private organizations are increasingly following the trend of using cloud services to support their core business. This trend is driven by several factors.

like scalability, availability and elasticity. However the most important drivers are often cost related. Cloud services allow organizations to reduce the total cost of ownership of their IT infrastructures, grounding new types of IT outsourcing services and business models. The main goal of this paper is to analyze and discuss different approaches for cost modeling for cloud storage. The option of embedding additional storage management services not provided by common cloud storage offerings is also addressed. With the result of this study we intend to initiate the development of a cost model to be applied to specific scenarios.

New IS Employee: Paulo Neto

I am a Storage Specialist at IBM Portugal and my current position is Storage Technical Lead for the Strategic Outsourcing business in EMEA. My areas of expertise are Storage Area Network (SAN), Storage Management and UNIX.

I received my BSc degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering from Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, Portugal (2002) and a MSc degree in Informatics from Faculdade de Ciencias da Universidade do Porto, Portugal (2008).

In 2010 I started my PhD studies in Informatics Engineering at Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto and just moved to TU/e to complete them under the supervision of Assistant Professor Claudia Chituc and Professor Paul Grefen.

The aim of my PhD project is to build a framework to model Cloud Storage requirements and develop a cost modeling tool for Private Cloud Storage implementations.


New IS Employee: Firmino Silva

I’m employee at IBM (Portugal) as a Project manager since 2011. Before that, I worked in the Automotive and Bank sector as IT manager. I’m also an Assistant lecturer at the Institute of Accounting and Administration of Porto (Portugal) since 2001 under after-labour regime. I did my Engineering Degree in Computer Engineering and Information Systems in 1999 at the Institute of Engineering of Porto (Portugal). Later, I did my Masters Degree in Information Management in 2005 at the Faculty of Engineering of Porto University (Portugal). I start with my Ph.D. course at the Faculty of Engineering of Porto University and in 2013 I moved to TU/e. The main goal of research work is to develop a conceptual framework and metrics for assessing Cross-organizational Business Processes based on service-oriented approach which can support high level reliability of services in a dynamic business environment.

New IS Employee: Jan Claes

Although I was born in Germany, I am Belgian and do not speak German (but Dutch or rather Flemish). At the age of 7, my parents, my brother and I moved back to Belgium. I have a master degree in Applied Engineering Computer Science and Business Economics.  Before I  got stuck in academia, I worked as a programmer, technical analyst, project leader and as programmer again in HR and ERP software development. During these three years of working in the private sector I was also an informatics teacher in a center for adult education and I got a degree in teaching.
Since 2009, I work as a PhD student and teaching assistant at Ghent University. This means I have to combine the job of teaching with a PhD research project and that I am allowed to take up to 6 years to finish my PhD, which is supervised by promoter Geert Poels and co-promoter Frederik Gailly. I teach mainly Java programming, but also Excel, MySQL, modeling (ER/BPMN) and an annual guest lecture about process mining.
My research started in the process mining field and was about merging event logs, but only when I had the chance to do a project in co-operation with Hajo Reijers and Irene Vanderfeesten in January 2012 I got addicted to BPM research in general. I will complete my PhD in a joint setting with Ghent University and Eindhoven University of Technology under the formal supervision of Paul Grefen and with Irene Vanderfeesten as my daily supervisor in Eindhoven. The topic is structured process modeling, which is a modeling technique we defined, and that is aimed at increasing syntactic and semantic quality of process models. Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested to get to know more about me or my research!