Colloquium IE&IS/IS – W&I/IS March 7, 2014

Paul Grefen

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BASE/X: Processing Services the Structured Way – Serving Processes the Flexible Way


Service-dominant business is currently one of the leading business developments in many business domains, from financial services to international logistics. The service-dominant business paradigm radically shifts business design and implementation from delivering stand-alone products to delivering integrated service-packages that have a clear value-in-use from the customer perspective. Service-dominant business strategies and business models rely on dynamic business networks in which the partner companies have strong co-creation and co-delivery capabilities – often even including the customer as a partner in the network. ┬áThese service-dominant networks have to operate in highly dynamic business markets. This development leads on the one hand to the requirement of managing complex compositions of services in distributed business networks in a structured way and on the other hand to the requirement of treating flexibility in service composition as a first class citizen to support business agility. The BASE/X framework has been developed as an integral approach to deal with these requirments. The approach covers the spectrum from business strategy definition to corporate system reference architecture. Business process management is a key ingredient in BASE/X. In this presentation, we discuss the background of BASE/X and its application in industry – including BPM and service management prototyping efforts.

After this talk a drink will take place in the PVOC.