Paul Grefen benoemd tot Academic Dean imagine. change. Academy

Speciaal voor geselecteerde executive relaties van Ricoh Nederland, is er de nieuwe Ricoh imagine. change. Academy, die in april 2014 van start gaat. De Ricoh Academy biedt bedrijfskundige insights en een waardevol netwerk gericht op co-makership. Paul Grefen (capaciteitsgroep Information Systems) is recentelijk benoemd tot Academic Dean van deze Academy.
Hoogwaardig Masterclass programma
Ricoh Nederland en TiasNimbas hebben in co-creatie een hoogwaardig Masterclass programma opgesteld, dat tot doel heeft de deelnemers te inspireren en vooral concrete, vernieuwende en waardevolle handvatten te bieden. De imagine. change Academy vormt een uitgelezen manier om met elkaar de dialoog aan te gaan over ontwikkelingen in het bedrijfskundige en ICT landschap.
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Colloquium IE&IS/IS – W&I/IS May 2, 2014

Joaquin Vanschoren

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Open, networked science in machine learning.

Research in machine learning and data mining can be speeded up tremendously by moving empirical research results out of people’s heads and labs, onto the network and into tools that help us structure and alter the information. OpenML is a collaborative open science platform for machine learning. Through plugins for the major machine learning environments, OpenML allows researchers to automatically upload all their experiments and organize them online. OpenML automatically links these experiments to all related experiments, and adds meta-information about the used datasets and algorithms. As such, all research results are searchable, comparable and reusable in many different ways. Beyond the traditional publication of results in papers, OpenML offers a much more collaborative, dynamic and faster way of doing research.

After this talk a drink will take place in the PVOC.

Ph.D. Thesis: The Role of Contextual Factors in Process Harmonization by Heidi Romero

On Monday, April 28th, Heidi Romero will defend her Ph.D. thesis entitled¬† “The Role of Contextual Factors in Process Harmonization”.

Prom./coprom.: P.W.P.J. Grefen, prof.dr. A.J. van Weele & R.M. Dijkman.

At this moment of posting, the thesis text is not yet available from the TU/e library.
Click here for the abstract.

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