Colloquium IE&IS/IS June 6, 2014 @K.16 4PM

Rob Vanwersch

Rethinking care processes

Methodological support is still severely limited for rethinking care processes, i.e. how to get from current process insights (as-is) to concrete improvement ideas (to-be).Due to the lack of this support, practitioners must rely substantially on their own experience and intuition to generate process improvement ideas during traditional brainstorming sessions.As a consequence, these sessions are at risk to lead to biased choices and neglecting interesting process alternatives.

In this presentation, I will discuss a new, systematic technique for rethinking care processes: the RePro (Rethinking of Processes) technique. Apart from that, I will discuss the promising preliminary results of a lab experiment in which the performance of the RePro technique is compared with the traditional brainstorming technique.