Colloquium IS Uzay Kaymak: A Discussion on Process Mining in Healthcare

Uzay Kaymak

A Discussion on Process Mining in Healthcare

In recent years, process mining has been studied for a number of applications in the healthcare domain. With the increasing need to bring healthcare processes better under control, such applications have significant potential to increase the share of process-oriented care delivery. Despite the potential, the usability of the method has been limited, mainly due to the overly complex models, which have been obtained in the healthcare settings. The complexity of these models is often attributed to the complexity of the health care domain. In this presentation, we will discuss whether this is sufficient explanation and argue that many process mining methods fail to identify good process models, even for well-defined clinical environments. We identify a number of reasons for this shortcoming and discuss a few challenges for future research in process mining in healthcare.

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New Employee: Rodrigo Gonçalves

RodrigoI will have my Integrated Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at ‘Instituto Superior Técnico’ in Lisbon (Portugal) by the end of September, 2015. The Master is specialized in the fields of optimization, automation and control of mechanical systems thus I have a strong background in areas such as artificial intelligence, neural networks, fuzzy systems and optimal control. I also did a one-semester international exchange with Aarhus University (Denmark) from August 2013 until February 2014, where I gained an education in a new and different way.

The aim of my MSc thesis was to provide an analysis and methodology on how to proceed when facing transportation logistic problems with high complexity. During my thesis, I faced the current huge breakdown that exists in between transportation execution and planning. At Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), I will continue my research in the filed that I have been developing during my Master thesis. I will work as an employee of research & education in the Industrial & Innovation Sciences department.

New Employee: Bambang Suratno

bambangI took Industrial Engineering major for my bachelor degree in 2007 from Telkom University, Indonesia. After experiencing working as lead researcher in NGO and consulting firm for 4 years, I continued my study and did my master degree in 2013 majoring Industrial Engineering and Management at Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia. My research is in the utilization of enterprise information system for managerial benefit and explore its potential for developing knowledge management.

Currently, I am a pursuing my PhD in the Information Systems subdepartment of the School of Industrial Engineering, department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Science, TU Eindhoven, Netherland. The general research domain of my PhD project will be ‘Support for Virtual Enterprises’, possibly covering elements from Information System Engineering, Business Process management, and Business Engineering.