Colloquium Jos Trienekens, april: “Information Quality, framing an evolving information management concept”

Jos Trienekens

Information Quality, framing an evolving information management concept

Over the years information quality has been subject to many Ph.D research and MSc. projects in the information/software management research group of our capacity group Information Systems.

This presentation will position the information quality concept in a three-level framework, and will clarify characteristics of various research projects (in our group). On each level the focus areas of specification, metrication, standardisation and continuous improvement will be discussed.

In recent years the concept of information quality has evolved towards an IT Governance subject in inter-organisational networks.  Some examples of this evolution will be presented with reference to current Ph.D projects in our research group.

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GameBus will serve as an enabling platform on an upcoming Hackathon “The Living Data Game Challenge”

We are proud to announce that GameBus will serve as an enabling platform on an upcoming Hackathon (19-20 March) which is sponsored by the city of Eindhoven.

The Living Data Game Challenge is a two-day event where people with technical, design, and creative backgrounds join forces to tinker new solutions through collaborative development. The goal? To create playful applications for the municipality of Eindhoven, to inspire and challenge people to become more active, aware, social and happy!Capture

GameBus provides a platform to turn cognitive, physical and social activities into an enjoyable gaming experience. You can connect your app or wearable to the GameBus API which will take care of a gamification layer (teams, leaderboards, badges). During the hackaton, Makers will receive on-site support from the GameBus project leader.

See for the program.


GameBus is described on



As announced on that page, Pieter Van Gorp will spend his weekend on that Hackathon to provide support to makers.  Of course, it would be great to see some of you over there too.  This can be to participate, or just to enjoy the vibe!

Romain Emens received the second price in the ESTIEM 1st European Master Thesis Award

Romain Emens received the second price in the ESTIEM 1st European Master Thesis Award contest from the scientific jury. The topic of his thesis is the dynamic visualisation of business process models. Romain graduated in October 2014 in the Information Systems group and was supervised by Irene Vanderfeesten en Hajo Reijers. A digital copy of his thesis may be found here:

All award winners are:
1st price (€1000): Koos de Glas – Medical Inventory Management in Developing Countries
2nd price (€500): Romain Emens – A dynamic visualisation of business process models for process participants
3rd price (€250): Otto Mertanen – Innovation Opportunity Mapping: MFC film as a packaging barrier

More information on the ESTIEM 1st European Master Thesis Award can be found on: .

Colloquium IS Rik Eshuis: maart

Rik Eshuis

Supporting knowledge-intensive processes with case management

In recent years, case management has emerged as an approach to support knowledge workers in performing and coordinating business processes. These knowledge-intensive processes are semi-structured and can easily change. Case data and business rules determine the actual flow of work in a knowledge-intensive process. In this talk, I will discuss when to apply case management, how to design knowledge-intensive processes for case management, and how to manage changes in these knowledge-intensive processes.

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