Colloquium IS (April 7, 2017) – Pieter Van Gorp: Towards Unified Health Gamification

Dear all,

We are pleased to invite you to our next Colloquium IS that will take place on Friday,

April 7, 2017, 12:30 – 13:30 (Paviljoen K.16).

Speaker: Pieter Van Gorp

Title: Towards Unified Health Gamification

Abstract: There is a multitude of mobile Health (mHealth) applications that aim to solve societal health problems by stimulating specific types of physical activities via gamification. However, physical healthactivities cover just one of the three World Health Organization (WHO) dimensions of health. This talk introduces the novel notion of Unified Health Gamification (UHG), which covers besides physical health also social and cognitive health and well-being. Instead of rewarding separate activities in the three WHO dimensions using different mHealth competitions, UHG combines the scores for such activities on unified leaderboards and lets people interact in social circles beyond personal interests. This approach is promising in corporate environments since UHG can connect the employees with intrinsic motivation for physical health with those who have quite different interests. In this talk, we motivate the relevance of UHG and we showcase GameBus, a UHG prototype that we have applied successfully in various case studies in companies and municipalities. Preliminary results demonstrate significant improvements in self reported mental well-being.  The talk is scheduled while two larger scale pilots are ongoing so we will share recents insights too. We also foresee time to discuss business model considerations as well as technical aspects such as the GameBus REST APIs, the data model, etc.

Bio: Pieter Van Gorp has obtained his Ph.D. degree in Software Engineering at the University of Antwerp. Since 2008, he is an assistant professor in Information Systems at Eindhoven University of Technology. His research focuses on personal health data as an economic asset. In 2016, he has launched GameBus, a data-driven platform that rewards you for performing healthy activities in a social manner. He had previously designed an execution platform for securely analyzing Personal Health Records in the cloud. Van Gorp is also known for his work on reproducible research and model transformations for UML, BPMN and Petri-Nets.