Presentation on ZJU Research Xudong Lu

Abstract: The BMI lab at Zhejiang University is a pioneer of biomedical informatics research in China. The lab has close links with strategic clinical and industrial partners, and leads several national key projects in healthcare IT domain in the coming few years. Clinical Decision Support is one of the main research focuses in the Lab. In this presentation the speaker will give an introduction of three CDSS researches conducted by the lab recently.

Clinical Decision Support System for chronic diseases. Since 2006, the lab has cooperated with PLA General Hospital in China to conduct research on clinical decision support system. The purpose was to find a methodology and application to improve the quality of primary care in the broad rural area in China through CDSS. The diseases with metabolic symptoms were targeted at first based on computational guideline methodology. Recently the diseases of headache disorders and AD have been chosen in order to verify and improve the methodology in a much broader area. Based on the experience learned from these studies, a common framework based on openEHR has been proposed with the purpose of facilitating creating CDS applications for different types of chronic diseases.

Medical Knowledge Translational Platform. Since 2011, the lab has been in charge of the national “863” project of China “High-end EMR system and its pilot implementation”. One of the main features of the High-end EMR system is integrating with medical knowledge and providing CDS services for clinical staffs. The research of medical knowledge translational platform is one part of such works. In the presentation, the speaker will introduce the concepts, methodology framework and initial results of this work.

Clinical Pathway Analysis. CPA project has been funded by Philips through Brain Bridge Program. The researches include two parts, one from the exchanging Ph.D student in TU/e and the other from the researchers in China. In the presentation, the speaker will introduce the progress of the related researches of CPA in China, including discovery of CP patterns, similarity measurement between patient traces and CPA toolkit development.

About the speaker:

Xudong Lu is a professor of medical informatics at BMI lab of Zhejiang University in China, and a visiting research professor at Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Before his employment in ZJU, he has the industrial experience of working at Nihon Kohden Corporation in Japan (a well-known corporation on its physiology examination devices and information systems) from 2002-2003. His research focuses are on electronic medical record and clinical decision support. He is the project leader of the National “863” project of “Research on High-end EMR-S and its pilot implementations” initiated since 2011. Besides, he has also involved in several national projects on clinical decision support system.