Colloquium IE&IS/IS – W&I/IS July 4, 2014 @K.10 16.00 (+PVOC drink)

Nan Shan / Hui Yan / Pieter Van Gorp (BrainBridge)

After this talk a drink will take place in the PVOC.

Title: BrainBridge Project: Results after 2 years

Abstract: In this talk, we survey the work that has been performed during the first two years of the ongoing BrainBridge project on Clinical Pathway Support.  The project consists of two PhD projects (by Hui Yan and Shan Nan). The talk will consist of an introduction (by Pieter Van Gorp), a part of compliance analysis (by Hui Yan) and a part on a dynamic checklist support system (by Shan Nan). The introduction will sketch the project background as well as BPMN 2.0 formalization work, which we have used as the basis for the compliance analysis support.  The second part will describe novel BPMN 2.0 based compliance analysis support and its application to two clinical scenario’s.  The third part will describe the limitations of paper-based as well as static electronic checklist support, then it will introduce TraceBook, a BPMN 2.0 based dynamic checklist support system that interfaces to the EMR and CDSS of the Catharina Hospital and which has interfaces for integrating other systems.  Finally, we will describe ongoing work, which primarily consists of maturing the aforementioned results and evaluating them in a clinical setting.

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