Project Visual Management Philips Healthcare

The Information Systems group is often contacted by industrial organizations with assignments that could lead to student projects at various levels (master thesis project, bachelor completion project, etc.) Through this website we make these topics available to our students. In this post, we announce one such project, involving company Philips.

Background, Present situation:
Daily start-up meetings in Operations are using data to provide overview of performance and to support scheduling and decisions. These data are (partly real time) maintained and daily presented in Microsoft Excel format. Examples of data used: people & production planning, availability of components, quality issues, safety issues, actions and improvements.

Reason why this project is nessecary:
At present there is no full standardisation between production teams regarding data content and means of presentation. Available systems are not user friendly with respect to filling, maintaining and presenting. Avalable systems are not following the Philips Lean guidelines.

Design and introduce a standardised and robust visual management system for daily start up, which can be used in all MR Operations teams in Best, using available data and following Philips Lean guidelines.

Expect result:
The system has to work and to be robust and easy to maintain. Users (Unit Managers, Team Leaders, Shop Floor Controllers, Operators) will be trained to enter data and to present. The design will be carried over to the designated key user (Production Controller).

Contact for more information: Rik Eshuis