Master thesis presentation entitled “Designing a Blueprint Architecture for Service Innovation” by Kritika Maurya

kritikaOn Thursday, February 5th 2015, Kritika Maurya will defend her master thesis entitled “Designing a Blueprint Architecture for Service Innovation”.

The defense is in the frames of her graduation project of my Master’s degree in Business Information Systems, at TU/e.

Supervisors: Paul Grefen, Boudewijn van Dongen and Paul Verleg

Blueprint design of service dominant enterprise architecture for Canon Business Services

Nowadays services are dominating the economies of the world and are becoming an important part of strategic thinking of business organizations. Services are no longer treated as a separate category for strategic mission and planning but rather an all pervasive part of it. Most of the business organizations today are more or less involved in a combination of providing goods with services.
The transition marked evolution of servitization concept, which is described as how companies initially considered themselves to be in “goods” or “services” (e.g. automobile or insurance), and then moved to offering goods combined with closely related services (e.g. products offered with maintenance, support, finance). This creates service-dominant business markets requiring high levels of agility. Thus, there is a need for a structured way to design business in a service-dominant context.

The project is carried out at the Strategic Business Unit (SBU) based at Océ Technologies in Venlo, Netherlands. The Strategic Business Unit (SBU) which is a part of Canon Business Services (CBS) is focused on developing and growing the business service of value added outsourcing of document processing on a global level together with the Canon Sales Organizations.

Blueprint of the architecture for service innovation in CBS is designed in this project using BASE/X as a reference framework. BASE/X is the acronym for Business Agility through Service Engineering in a Cross-Organizational Setting, which will support the efforts of dealing with the agility of service-dominant business, the complexity of solution-oriented business (value-in-use) and multi-sided business models. BASE/X is based on a structure of stable and flexible layers composing a pyramid (from top to bottom the layers are: Strategy, Business Model, Service Compositions and Business Services).

The design of the conceptual blueprint structures the business aspects of value added outsourcing of document processing services in one framework. With BASE/X as a reference framework and through a number of design steps, it proposes an enterprise standard architecture for CBS which will be a blueprint for the organization of value added outsourcing of document processing services, helping in the composition of new services and consequently supporting the agility in service-dominant business.

KeywordsBASE/X framework, Service Dominant Architecture, Servitization, agility Back to event

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