Colloquium IS Lonneke Vermeulen: Developments of Tracebook

Lonneke Vermeulen

Developments of Tracebook

Atul Gawandas’ Checklist Manifesto made the medical world realize the high potential of clinical safety checklists in reducing medical errors and improving patient safety. As the current computerized checklist support systems were too static, the Brainbridge II program (a collaboration between the Eindhoven University of Technology, Zhejiang University, Philips Research and Catharina Hospital Eindhoven) developed a system that can individualize checklists based on information from the patient’s medical record while also considering the context of the clinical workflows. In this presentation I will elaborate the developments within and around this system over the past year.

After a short introduction of the Tracebook system, I will discuss four dynamic checklists we developed in the system. During the second part of the presentation, I will discuss the first results we made within the DARTS-CSI project towards forward compliance analysis and safety managing deviations from pathways in the system.


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