New Employee Kalliopi Zervanou







Hi, I am Kalliopi Zervanou and I am a computational linguist. In an almost previous life, I got my Bachelor in French Literature & Linguistics from Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki and sometime after working as a conference interpreter I returned to academia for an MSc in Machine Translation from the UMIST Language Engineering Dept., and a PhD in Information Extraction from the School of Computer Science of the University of Manchester. My research focuses in information management of mainly unstructured text data (free-text): I have a long experience in information extraction research, including language technology applications in information retrieval, digital libraries and semantic web, for a variety of domains (financial, biomedical, humanities, police). Since 2009, I have been actively involved in digital humanities in a series of projects and as a leading member of the computational linguistics digital humanities community, both as programme chair of the LaTeCH workshop series, as well as founding member of the respective ACL Special Interest Group, SIGHUM, which I also serve as elected secretary for three consecutive terms, since 2013. My most recent research focused on historical data modelling issues and event extraction from texts. 


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