New IS Employee: Hui Yan

I did my Bachelor’s Degree (2007-2011) in Biomedical Engineering at the Northeastern University, China. During that time, I’ve participated in several projects. From June, 2010 to June,2011, I was the leader of a team in the Fourth National Undergraduate Innovative Experiment. My team did some experiment about “The Monte Carlo Simulation and Experiment of Photo Delivery in PET Detector”. From March 2009 to January 2010, I’ve participated in the Student Research Training Science and technology innovation and incubation plat form in Sino-Dutch Biomedical and Information Engineering College. Our title is “A remote medical auscultation consultation system design and implementation”. We focused on using networking technology to enable the remote medical treatment with auscultation.

Then I start with my Ph.D. course directly in September, 2011. In the past year, I followed some courses and did some work relating to clinical decision support system and clinical pathway analysis toolkit, such as displaying the clinical processes and analysis the clinical processes.

From November of 2011, I take part in the Brain Bridge Project “A toolkit for clinical pathway analysis”, which is a collaboration project between TU/e, Zhejiang University and Philips Research. This project aims to analysis clinical pathways and to optimize the pathways finally and compare pathways in both Chinese and Dutch hospitals.