Internships regarding BI/data warehousing (with Teradata)

The Information Systems group is often contacted by industrial organizations with assignments that could lead to student projects at various levels (master thesis project, bachel completion project, etc.) Through this website we make these topics available to our students. In this post, we announce one such project, involving company Teradata.

Teradata is the recognized leader in the BI/Enterprise Data warehouse space. Our technology is very powerful and is game-changing in various industries. Because we are solely focused on Data warehousing we are ahead of the competition and we’ll keep this leading position. It’s in the genes of all Teradata associates to be and stay best in class. The client base of Teradata in the Netherlands is growing and the outlook is very promising. Our clients use the
Teradata Data warehouse technology as the foundation for their Business Intelligence activities.

As data warehousing is an emerging field within most companies there are often opportunities for challenging and high profile internships. These internships can focus on anything regarding the data warehouse or associated programs and processes, ranging from very technical assignments concerning the ETL process or optimization studies, to more business oriented studies like the information delivery process or dashboard designs.

These clients are large multinationals, and they expect interns to provide quality results and thorough research. This in turn ensures your work will be appreciated and will not be overlooked. In short, challenging internships regarding cutting edge BI/Data warehousing.

Here are some example internships to give a better idea of what is possible:

Information demand study.
Process design for efficient use of the Data warehouse.
Report optimization.
Reference/Metadata management.
ETL process design.
Data mart design.
Marketing Campaign efficiency analysis.