Guest researcher Ayça Tarhan

I completed my BSc and MSc degrees in Computer Engineering and I had my PhD
(2000-2006) in Information Systems from the Middle East Technical University of
Turkey. During my studentship, I had participated in several projects including business
process modeling and requirements elicitation, model-based assessment and
improvement of software processes, and software quality attributes specification and
evaluation. The title of my PhD thesis was “An Assessment Approach for the
Applicability of Statistical Process Control for Software Processes”.
After completing my PhD, I started as a Senior Lecturer in the Computer Engineering
Department of Hacettepe University, Turkey; and currently work as an Assistant
Professor in the same department. The courses I teach include Software Engineering,
Software Quality Management, Software Metrics, Personal Software Process, and
Advanced UML Modeling. I pursue my research studies with a focus on software quality, software process management, and software engineering standards with more than a dozen graduate students. I have been the Deputy Manager of the Informatics Institute of the university since February 2013 and am also the founder of Software Engineering Master Program under this institute.
Since I have a substantial experience on model-based assessment and improvement of
software processes, I had a thought that this might make a contribution to the area of
Business Process Management. Dr. Oktay Türetken and I have formed a research
project entitled “Development of a Self-Assessment Approach for Business Process
Maturity” and got a grant for this from the Scientific Research Council of Turkey. I am
therefore happy to visit TU/e for a year starting from September 2013 to work with Dr.
Türetken and meet with the IS staff and their research, and declare my appreciation to
Prof. Paul W.P.J. Grefen for his harborous welcome.