Play your favorite games, together.


The European population is aging. Moreover, family and friend circles are compromised by the busy schedules of working citizens. It is already challenging balance between professional goals and duties, personal fitness and leisure activities as well as family (i.e., quality) time, especially involving multiple generations. The expected mobility of the active workers puts additional pressure on this. At the same time, there is economic need and corresponding political pressure for keeping the elderly longer at home, independent of managed care. Unless we provide new ways to empower European citizens, the anticipated economic benefits will be hindered by a too high pressure on families and home care organizations.


GameBus will provide a novel App to turn currently perceived duties regarding cognitive, physical and social activities into an enjoyable gaming experience. The key idea is to let people play the different games they enjoy truly as an individual in such a way that they are part of an integrated social interaction. Among others, elderly will be able to play their favorite brain training game (e.g., Sudoku) while joining forces with their younger peers that go out for a physical activity (e.g., running). Game players stimulate each other in order to achieve team goals, which favors their health directly. Implicitly, the game sessions will also counter social isolation and unconsciously vulnerable elderly will be monitored against cognitive decline too. Finally, GameBus will generate rich, integrated data (related to cognitive, physical, and social activities) with big commercial and scientific potential.

More Information

We have secured funding to bring this concept to reality in 2015 and scale it up in 2016.  Please see and