IS Group

Modern business organizations become more and more dependent on their information systems to deal with the complexity and changeability of the context (markets) in which they operate and consequently their internal organization structures. Up-to-date, complete and accurate information has become a necessity to survive in an increasingly competitive world. Developments like dynamic cooperation networks, mass customization of products and services, and end-to-end process control require automated means to control operational business processes, for the simple reason that humans cannot oversee the entire operation in an efficient and effective way anymore. Consequently, business requirements to information systems increase at a dazzling pace.

On the other hand, the rapid developments in information technology give way to application types that simply were not feasible just a few years ago. These developments range from basic computing technology via communication technology and a broad spectrum of data and process management technology to complete frameworks for enterprise information systems and e-business systems. Consequently, technology push forces have a major influence on current developments. The Information Systems Subdepartment focusses on systems to (re)design and support operational business processes in this tension field between business requirements pull and technology push.

Mission of the IS Group

To research and teach design, analysis, and use of advanced information systems for (re)design and support of operational business processes, both within the boundaries of a single organization and across these boundaries in the context of business service networks and industrial supply chains,

  • aiming at a balance between theoretical foundation and practical application,
  • harmonizing the demand pull and technology push developments in the field, and
  • taking process modeling, architecture design and software management as focal areas.