The capacity group Information Systems focuses in its education program on IT enabled analysis and redesign of business processes.

Any business process will be heavily influenced by the capabilities and restrictions that are inherent in the production technologies used to support the process. Changes in the capabilities and restrictions of these technologies will immediately impact the processes involved. Information technology is a major production technology. For almost all relevant business processes information technology is either the most important production technology or takes at least second place.
Furthermore we see that information technology is evolving continuously, providing new capabilities and relaxing existing restrictions.

This implies that a business professional, in charge of analyzing, improving or managing business processes should for at least part of his / her work be considered as a technology manager, focusing on the impact of the changing information production technology on these business processes.

This does not imply that this business professional should be a technology expert. It does however imply that he / she should be aware of the role information and communication plays in the business process, and be able to focus on analysis en redesign of these processes from these points of view.

To help future business professionals the capacity group provides a number
of courses
where the modeling, analysis and redesign of all aspects of a business process play an important role, as do the issues of information architecture and information system development.

The group contributes in this way to the following programs: