IS Courses

BSc courses:
1BV00  Fundamentals of Business Information Systems (formerly ‘Business Modelling’)
1BV10  Design of Business Information Systems (BIS)
1BV20  Business Information Systems Management
1BK00  Healthcare Information Systems
1BK20  Business Process Simulation
1BK40  Business Analytics & DS
1CK10  Introduction to Industrial Engineering

MSc courses:
1BM05 Business Process Management
1BM10 E-Business
1BM20 Business Analysis for IT systems (formerly ‘Software Requirements’)
1BM41 Business Information Systems Architecture
1BM110 Data Analytics for Business Intelligence
1BM120 Computational Intelligence
1BM100 Design of Service Operations
1BM130 Design of Data-Driven Business Operations
1JM110 Research Methods

For more information about these courses, you can contact:
O. Turetken (IS Group Education Coordinator)