Graduation Projects

Example Graduation Projects

Example graduation projects conducted in the IS group are given below.
A large list of graduation theses can be found below or through the TU/e library.

Maas, P.H. dr. P.M.J. Van Gorp The proportion of spending on prevention in the GP care within the Netherlands
Nelissen, M.M.A. I.T.P. Vanderfeesten A tool to investigate the impact of ad-hoc adjustments to the operational schedule of (para)medical staff
Cremers, R.C.V. H. Eshuis Data quality improvement in a production environment
Hendrickx, T. dr. R. de Almeida A method to perform an automated background check on professional football players
Koops, M.N.M. dr. O. Türetken The impact of BPMS implementation on Business Process (Management) Maturity
Vandewal, J.M.J. dr. R. de Almeida Towards a more efficient audit process
Moons, S.W.M. dr. O. Türetken Constructive engagement in sales and operations planning
Ingh, L.O. van den H. Eshuis Evaluating business process performance based on process mining
Lubbers, R.J. dr. C.M. Chituc Selective decision making during opportunities for preventive maintenance
Zandt, H. van der J.J.M. Trienekens Discovering ICT solutions for knowledge transfer issues in co-creation value networks
Stassen, I.T.J. R.M. Dijkman The informational abilities and opportunities of Manufacturing Execution System data
Vangangelt, Z.E.A. I.T.P. Vanderfeesten Application and evaluation of the BASE/X framework in the healthcare domain
Bui, T.D.T. dr. A. Wilbik An approach to select redesign best practices (Embargo full text 21-03-2017)
Kooijman, M. dr. P.M.J. Van Gorp The potential of a mobile health rewarding app (GameBus) for people with intellectual disabilities : different scenarios
Claessens, T.R. R.M. Dijkman Predicting throughput time
Maaskant, M. U. Kaymak Data mining approaches for calculating the energy consumption of buildings : within the context of Zero Budget Sustainability service
Leermakers, Jelle dr. P.M.J. Van Gorp Usage of health apps in forensic mental healthcare : GameBus in a closed environment
de Weerd, E.J.G.M. dr. O. Türetken Tooling the BASE/X framework
Dubois, G.L.P. I.T.P. Vanderfeesten Modelling the visibility of transient light effects : a validation and verification of the Flicker Visibility Measure in the time domain
Mantzaris, Antonios Maryam Predicting the amount of breast cap in broilers
Visser, J.B.R. U. Kaymak Patient-specific management of adrenal incidentalomas using predictive and prescriptive analytics
Tange, E.W. P.W.P.J. Grefen Business capability mapping for service-dominant companies : a case study at a financial leasing company
Norden, T. van dr. C.M. Chituc Value driven decision making using customer analytics : a framework proposal for the Dutch financial services sector
Braamse, T. Anna Wilbik Crime sentiment through social media : feeling of insecurity related to crime in the Netherlands
Rossum, T. van Rik Eshuis Risk management in the implementation phase of enterprise software implementations
Merrienboer, L.A.C.P. van J.J.M. Trienekens Characteristics of CKM processes in a value network : a multiple case study
Kleinloog, T.P.C. U. Kaymak A data driven approach to evaluate guidelines for non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSCs)
Correa Cevallos, G.M. dr. R. de Almeida Discrete-event simulation and automatic model translation : integration of two approaches to support healthcare intervention research
Pillaerds, J.J.C. H. Eshuis An applicability framework for adaptive case management : defining the applicablility of adaptive case management by means of process characterization
Chen, Xiyan U. Kaymak Summarizing clinical processes from event logs by using a fuzzy linguistic approach
Peeters, M.J.P.G. dr. P.M.J. Van Gorp Leveraging participatory workflows and sensor assessment to faciltate health device selection (Embargo full text 22-02-2017)
F.H.W. ten Cate dr. R. de Almeida A study into similarities and differences within improvement methods between settled healthcare and industry, from an organizational point of view
J.H.J.M. Geerts R.M. Dijkman A tool for business model creation in electronic marketplace startup companies
L.F.M. de Jager R.M. Dijkman Consequences of exceptions in business processes
Rooijen, van M. U. Kaymak PCBA demand forecasting using an evolving fuzzy Takagi-Sugeno system
Schriek, M.B. U. Kaymak A fuzzy maturity model for care pathways
Rompen, T.M.P. dr. O. Türetken The influence of modularity representation on the understandability of business process models : an investigation into the factors that contribute to an understandable business process model
Broek, van den V. dr. O. Türetken Going greener through BPM : a method for assessing processes environmental footprint and supporting continuous improvement
Brouwers, P.P.M. dr. P.M.J. Van Gorp Development and evaluation of fitting business models for GameBus using the BASE/X framework
Rurua H. Eshuis An approach to variability management in enterprise architecture
Lammers, M.C. I.T.P. Vanderfeesten An investigation of the effects of the RePro technique on BPR workshop outcomes
Stan Lamers, S.P.C. Anna Wilbik Prescription alert assessment using data mining
Engelen, K.M.A. R.M. Dijkman Towards improved decision-making through the integration of financial information in BPMN models
Kodhelaj, I. dr. C.M. Chituc A framework proposal for harvesting service parts at Philips Health Tech
Lips, R. I.T.P. Vanderfeesten Linguistic summarization of clinical data : an analysis of theory and a proof of concept at the ICU
Vries, J.E. de dr. C.M. Chituc The implementation of the electronic patient record : a framework proposal to create a business case
N. Cherifi dr. C.M. Chituc Supporting the decision for a customer experience management solution : a method proposal for an early stage analysis of the organization-hybris fit 
Heyningen, van A.J. dr. P.M.J. Van Gorp Evaluation of a dynamic clinical checklist support system (DCCSS) in a bariatric environment
Huigevoort, C.W.J.M. R.M. Dijkman Customer churn prediction for an insurance company
Maurya, K. P.W.P.J. Grefen Blueprint design of service dominant enterprise architecture for Canon Business Services (Embargo full text 09-03-2016)
Jacobs, S.W.J.A. dr. C.M. Chituc IT governance, IT competences and the use of executive information systems at the board level : the case of the Dutch financial industry
Rijk, N. R.M. Dijkman Prediction of variable travel time components in distribution planning
Cornea, C.M. J.J.M. Trienekens Healthcare data-sharing from the perspective of a scientist
Bastianen, S.G.A. dr. P.M.J. Van Gorp Towards an architecture for the support of integrated personal health records
Jacobs, R.M.J. U. Kaymak The design and impact of a new customer information system
Ariaans I.T.P. Vanderfeesten Task allocation within teams : a socio-technical and workflow resource pattern perspective
Yi, M. H. Eshuis Managing business process variability in artifact-centric BPM
Roosen, M.G.C.H. H. Eshuis Determining the state of maintenance of IT infrastructure
Rijks, S.J.H.M. H. Eshuis Applying buisiness process redesign heuristics in an artifact centric process modeling approach : a case study in the poultry processing industry
Hofstede, M.C.J. dr. P.M.E. Van Gorp Reusability of clinical rules within a cross-organizational setting : identifying and ranking current issues and standardizing clinical terms
Sprenkels, B. R.M. Dijkman Business models for internet of things : sequential exploratory research to unravel the configuration of IoT business models
Gustaman, G.G. U. Kaymak A performance measurement framework for executable care pathways implemented in BPMS
Traganos, K. P.W.P.J. Grefen Designing a standard architecture for service management based on the BASE/X framework
Janssen, C.W. dr. P.M.E. Van Gorp Towards a configurable model for outpatient clinics : development of a parameterized discrete event simulation model for outpatient clinics
Loonen, R.T.H. dr. O. Türetken RFQ response process redesign in the high-tech industry for enhanced customer-centricity
Eupen, M.G.H. van dr. C.M. Chituc Big data opportunities for the retail sector : a model proposal
Hurk, H.M.M. van den dr. O. Türetken Democracy in business process management : validation of process models created through the Plural method : a framework for decentralized business process modeling through modularization
Bujor, M.A. I.T.P. Vanderfeesten Design of a change process model for the implementation of an innovation in a healthcare organisation
Ariesen, S.P.T. dr. P.M.E. Van Gorp Exploring EHR implementation success in Dutch mental healthcare : determining the barriers & facilitators of implementation success and the adoption state of functionalities
Wijgergangs, G. dr. P.M.E. Van Gorp Validation of Flexsim HC simulation models using an integrated view of process mining results
Bellil, E. dr. P.M.E. Van Gorp Business models for an open personal health record platform
Minchev, M.M. H. Eshuis Designing an architectural blueprint of a smart BPM system
Kakerken, J.C.M. R.M. Dijkman Guidelines for developing a business process architecture : a case study at the municipality of Uden 
Vermeulen, R.J.M. H. Eshuis Design of an enterprise architecture for information requirements idenification : an exploratory study within the high-tech industry 
Vermeulen, L.R.E. U. Kaymak A process modelling method for care pathways 
Schroot, A.L.H. dr. O. Türetken Comparing subject-oriented and classical business process models from the end-user perspective 
Renswouw, W.J.M. van dr. P.M.E. Van Gorp From paper-based care pathway to executable workflow process model 
Mersbergen, M. van I.T.P. Vanderfeesten A framework for business process model quality and an evaluation of model characteristics as predictors for quality
Dijk, R.E.P. van H. Eshuis A look into the effects of a business process redesign on the goals of employees : a combination of goal modelling and simulation models
Milde, Th. R.M. Dijkman Visualization of business process architectures
Van Zelst, S.J. U. Kaymak Defining a financial forecasting model for healthcare insurance companies : a collaborative Markov chain approach incorporating institutional care pathway traversal
Luna Orozco, LJ, de U. Kaymak Performance of machine learning algorithms to predict anastomic failure in bariatric surgery
Meenakshy, P. U. Kaymak A performance measurement framework for clinical pathways monitoring
IJzendoorn, G.R. van R.M. Dijkman BPM Flexiblility Techniques: Examing & Integrating Effects of Exceptions on throughput Time in Business Process Models
Vries, H.A. de dr. C.M. Chituc The business value of Big Data
Suntjens, A.A.C. dr. P.M.E. Van Gorp Knowledge Translation and Maintenance in Health Care: Identification of the requirements for tool support
Gils, S. van J.J.M. Trienekens Developing a method for harmonization-based redesign of business processes at DEKRA Certification BV
Tollenaere, Y.S.B. H. Eshuis Comparing out of the box ERP and
best practice processes for the
utilities industry.
A study of a new ERP implementation method using goal
based process comparison and process documentation
within the ERP system.
Jacobs, M.J.E. I.T.P. Vanderfeesten An experimental study into the structure of Business Process Redesign techniques for the Healthcare domain
Boere, J. I.T.P. Vanderfeesten An analysis and redesign of the ICU weaning process using data analysis and process mining
Vught, C.N.M. van R.M. Dijkman The effects of a lightweight workflow management system
and its functions
Overduin, M.T. H.A. Reijers Exploration of the link between the execution of a clinical process and its effectiveness using process mining techniques
Tuijtelaars, R.J.A. I.T.P. Vanderfeesten Evaluation of the success of a Scrum-based ERP implementation method
Balkom, J.H.A.J. van I.T.P. Vanderfeesten Health Care Business Process Redesign: A method for the structured generation of redesign scenarios
Kluitmans, L.B.J.M. P.W.P.J. Grefen The impact of Information Quality on strategic decision-making
Onurlu, B. U. Kaymak RFID Technology in Outpatient Logistics: An Analysis of Its Potential and Acceptance