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Scientific Objectives

Improving access and delivery of health care is a very actual topic in many countries. In order to meet the challenges posed by growing medical costs, aging population and limited resources, new technologies, new methods and new ways of working are being developed. Healthcare is a multi-faceted domain, which incorporates, amongst others, advanced (clinical) decision making, remote monitoring, healthcare logistics, operational excellence and modern information systems. In recent years, computational intelligence methods are being studied in order to address the scale and the complexity of the problems in the healthcare domain.

Computational intelligence provides considerable promise for advancing many aspects of the healthcare practice, including clinical aspects as well as administrative and management aspects (both operational and strategic). The participants will be introduced to various aspects of computational intelligence methods as well as to applications in different domains of healthcare. Lectures will be given by renowned researchers in the computational intelligence and health care fields, which will cover both theory and practice of computational intelligence in healthcare. Additionally, there will be contributions by practitioners, technology developers and solution providers in healthcare. Finally, there will be discussion clinics to exchange ideas on future research directions and challenges of computational intelligence in healthcare.