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The meeting venue is at the Eindhoven University of Technology, the only technical university in the southern part of The Netherlands. The Pavilion (Het Paviljoen) Building of the Eindhoven University of Technology is the home of the organizing Information Systems group at the School of Industrial Engineering. The University campus is conveniently located within walking distance north from the main railway station and the heart of the city with the main hotels.

The city of Eindhoven belongs to the five largest cities of The Netherlands and is located in the south-eastern part of the country. Eindhoven holds a strategic position as one of the foremost technology centers of Western Europe and has been the base of Philips Electronics Research and Development facilities for over a century. The city of Eindhoven contains also some historical spots and one of the best national museums of contemporary arts with a very special architectural design.

Eindhoven is located within quite close distance from historical cities like 's-Hertogenbosch (about 30 km north of Eindhoven), Maastricht (about 90 km south of Eindhoven) and Antwerp (about 80 km west of Eindhoven) with a Bourgondic life style. Even, cities like Amsterdam (capital of The Netherlands), The Hague (governmental city with a historical center), Gouda (the "cheese" city with a picturesque historical center), Brussels (capital of the European Community), Gent and Brugge are within reaching distance by train or car and suited for one- (or more-) day(s) visits.

How to reach the venue

The Netherlands has 4 international airports located in

From Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol)

The airport at Schiphol near Amsterdam is the largest airport in the Netherlands. It has a wide variety of international connections served by both full-service and budget carriers.
There is a train station directly underneath the airport that provides a direct connection to Eindhoven. The fare is approx. €18.30 one way. There are direct trains to Eindhoven every 30 minutes during the day and the journey takes about 90 minutes.
See the directions below for getting to TU/e from Eindhoven train station.

From Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven airport is situated on the outskirts of Eindhoven and is served by a number of airlines, including several budget carriers.
There is a bus #401 from the airport every 30 minutes to Eindhoven railway and bus station. The journey takes about 30 minutes. For international visitors, it is possible to buy a ticket on-board the bus - ask for a day ticket or dagkaart - which will cost €3.00 for an unlimited day's bus travel around Eindhoven. For locals, it is 4 strips from the airport into Eindhoven.

From Rotterdam Airport

Rotterdam airport is situated on the outskirts of Rotterdam and is served by a number of airlines, including several budget carriers.
Travelling from Rotterdam airport to Eindhoven involves two stages: (1) a bus to Rotterdam Central Station and then (2) a train to Eindhoven.
The RET airport shuttle, departs on average every 10 minutes from Rotterdam Airport for Rotterdam Central Station. The journey time is approximately 20 minutes. Tickets can be bought on board the bus from the driver for €2.70.
Once at Rotterdam Central Station, you will need to get a train to Eindhoven. These depart every 30 minutes and the journey time is around 75 minutes. The fare is approx. €16.00

From Maastricht Aachen Airport

Maastricht Aachen airport is situated about 15 km from Maastricht, midway between Maastricht, Heerlen and Sittard. It is also quite close to the Belgian and German borders. It is served by a number of budget and charter carriers.
Travelling from Maastricht airport to Eindhoven involves two stages: (1) a bus to Maastricht Station and then (2) a train to Eindhoven.
For incoming Ryanair flights, there is a shuttle bus operated by Veolia to Maastricht Central Station. A ticket costs €4.00 and can be purchased from the driver. The bus stops in front of the passenger terminal and waits for a maximum of 30 minutes in case of flight delay. For other flights, local bus #59 operated by Veolia connects the airport with Maastricht Central Station. The buses are approximately once every hour and the journey takes around 30 minutes. Tickets can be bought on-board or the journey is 5 strips using a strippenkaart.
Once at Maastricht Central Station, you need to get a train to Eindhoven. They depart every 30 minutes and the journey takes around 70 minutes. The fare is approx. €14.70.

Arriving by Train & Bus

The first thing to take care with is to get off of the bus or train at the "Eindhoven NS" stop. There is another railway station in Eindhoven (called Eindhoven Beukenlaan) but this is not the one you want. TU/e is across the road from the Eindhoven NS railway station as shown in the map below. From the station (marked as A on the map), it is approximately a 20 minute walk to the Paviljoen building (marked as B).

The CIHC Summer School and CIHC Workshop will take place in room K10, as shown on the map below.

Should you need it, a detailed map of the university campus is available at here

Arriving by Car

See the instructions at here


Should you need to organise a taxi whilst in Eindhoven, you can do so by calling the number shown below. Note that unlike in other cities, taxis can only be caught at a designated taxi stand (such as outside the railway station) or by calling them to schedule a pickup. Taxis cannot be hailed on the street as is the case elsewhere.

Taxi Avant: +31 40 212 9999

Online Timetables

The following online resources are a useful source of timetable information: