EDOC 2020 will take place in Eindhoven. Though Eindhoven is already officially recognised as a city since 1232, it only really started growing when the brothers Philips founded a light bulb factory there. Now, it is the fifth largest city in the Netherlands and the major hub of high-tech research and development in Europe. The big high-tech companies and the university brought a very international crowd to the city, thus creating a very hospitable environment for international guests.

Strijp S (photo due to

The south of the Netherlands is known for its ‘Burgundian lifestyle’. Roughly speaking that means that the people there enjoy life and good food. In Eindhoven this means that there are many good restaurants as well as a couple of local breweries. The international nature of Eindhoven is reflected in its cuisine. We welcome you to visit Eindhoven and experience the ‘Burgundian lifestyle’ for yourself.

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EDOC 2020 will be hosted on the campus of Eindhoven University of Technology, which is located within easy walking distance of the main trainstation and the city center. Eindhoven University of Technology is host to around 12.000 students and 3.500 staff. It takes special pride in its strong collaboration with industry.

Eindhoven University of Technology

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