Workshop and Hackathon on “Networked Machine Learning”

Next week, 20-24 October, there will be a workshop on “Networked Machine Learning” at the TU/e campus in Eindhoven.

The OpenML Workshop includes a scientific program including several interesting speakers, including Prof. Ross King, followed by a 4-day Hackathon where you can get started with online tools for doing machine learning research. is an online platform where machine learning researchers can share and reuse datasets, algorithms and experiments. OpenML connects to data sources anywhere online, and to many machine learning libraries (R, Weka, Rapidminer,…) in order to automate machine learning research and organize all combined results online.

Scientists can work completely in the open or in online teams, challenge the machine learning community with new problems, and data scientists can help other scientists (and students) to explore and use machine learning techniques in practice. Moreover, OpenML learns from previous experiments to advice which algorithms should be considered on future problems.

Registration is free, but please register beforehand on the workshop website: