DSC/e Lecture Series

DSC/e Lecture Series: 11th November  (12:30-13:30) @ Grand Café ‘De Zwarte Doos’

Making your data “talk” to you:  linguistically conditioned models from data
by prof. dr. ir. Uzay Kaymak


With the abundance of data, many people concentrate on output-related properties of models, such as the accuracy. As long as the system, which processes the data, returns outcomes that are somehow acceptable (e.g. accurate), the underlying nature of the model that the system implements is considered secondary. Indeed, the system can learn from data, adapt itself to the data and hence “make the data talk”. However, natural language is an effective means for the end users to interact with the systems. Hence, there are advantages if our models from data can be conditioned on linguistic information. In this presentation, we consider models whose behavior can be understood in linguistic terms. The models typically return a set of linguistic rules or linguistic descriptions, which can be communicated to the user linguistically. This provides an additional means for the users to interact with the models learned from data.

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