BPI cluster meeting 20June’18

This week we will have a guest presenter,  dr. S. Faghih Roohi from OPAC group of our faculty. The place of the presentation is Pav.K1.6 and time is between 12:30-13:30.


A group decision making approach for risk ranking and lane selection in distribution of pharmaceutical products


This study aims to provide a group decision making framework based on the prioritized risks for selecting shipment lanes of pharmaceutical products. The risks involved in the decision making are identified and categorized by referring into the conventional failure modes and effect analysis (FMEA) tables. Using categorized risks, a new shortened FMEA table is proposed for evaluation by a group of experts in pharmaceutical distribution and logistics industry. The evaluations by experts are primarily in linguistic terms which are further converted to intuitionistic fuzzy numbers (IFNs) for aggregation operations. By using an intuitionistic fuzzy hybrid TOPSIS (Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution) approach, the risks in shipment processes for every lane are scored and prioritized. The relative closeness coefficients of risk categories resulted from intuitionistic fuzzy hybrid TOPSIS are used for lane comparison and selection. Lane selection is performed in multiple rounds in a way that in each round, the higher-scored lanes are selected based on the lower-ranked (higher-priority) risks. The proposed approach provides an opportunity for all managers and decision makers to evaluate risks and to keep/establish current/new lanes. Finally, a case study of lane selection on air cargo distribution of pharmaceutical products is presented to demonstrate the potential applications of the proposed approach.

You are warmly invited.