Presentation: Maturity models in BI

On Wednesday 1st October Ayca Tarhan will give a presentation on maturity models in Pav K.16, from 12:30-13:30.


A maturity model is an evolutionary roadmap for implementing the vital practices from one or more domains of organizational process, and Capability Maturity Model (CMM) for software development is considered as an effective model as being utilized by over 5000 businesses from over 70 countries worldwide. The reputation of CMM inspired consultants and researchers in various areas including construction, medical, finance, etc to develop and use maturity models in their own sectors. Business Intelligence (BI) is an area where such models are developed and adopted, and TDWI’s Business Intelligence Maturity Model (BIMM) and Gartner’s Maturity Model for Business Intelligence and Performance Management are the two known models. This presentation will provide first an overview of the definition and structure of a maturity model in general and CMM in specific, and then have a glance into the TDWI’s BIMM and a distinct Business Intelligence Maturity Model aimed for Healtcare domain.

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