BPI cluster meeting 28Feb’18

The speaker is Joost van Twist. He obtained his MSc. Degree in the Eindhoven University of Technology . He worked in companies that are major players in their markets like Quintiq and Philips. Now he works at Viggo as a software engineer implementing planning and scheduling algorithms for Eindhoven airport.



Applications of operations research and data science at Viggo



At Viggo we are responsible for the ground handling at Eindhoven airport. In our organization of more than 400 employees and with an airfield that is continuously growing, there are many challenging reallife planning puzzles such as: Assigning parking stands and gates to planes, the scheduling of employees, and logistic puzzles for ground equipment and luggage. On top of that,  as the operations are being more and more digitalised, we have access to wide variety of data, that gives oppurtunities for doing data anlaysis. For example, being able to predict when steps in the operations will cause a delay in the flight. A lot of software is developed in-house which is unique for ground handling companies and this software is also used to perform various consultancy services.

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