BPI cluster meeting 23May’18

This week we will have a guest presenter, dr. Kalliopi Zervanou, is currently a lecturer in Information and Computing Sciences in Utrecht University. The place of the presentation is Pav.K1.6 and time is between 12:30-13:30.


Linking multi-disciplinary data sources in the Time Capsule system



Time Capsule is a historical research system for botanical remedies from the New World in the early modern period (17-18th century): the historical evolution of economic importance, ethical attitudes, scientific interests, trade and knowledge circulation.


Historical data is scattered across collections developed for various domains and purposes. Its amount and complexity raises the need for a presentation allowing exploration and detailed inspection. Finally, the problem of information validation and sharing must be addressed. In Time Capsule we have i) integrated and linked multidisciplinary data sources and ii) developed an online research platform that supports data access, presentation, validation and sharing.


In our approach, data source integration entails concept mapping, not only across disciplines, but also in time. Thus, it calls for support for the scientific evolution from the 16th century onwards in re-classifying and re-defining concepts. Additionally, it entails dealing with phenomena of historical term variation and ambiguity which gradually give way to spelling standardisation and current nomenclature conventions in e.g. botany and biology. Furthermore, it requires addressing under-specificity and ambiguity of information found in historical sources while maintaining associations with potentially related concepts and context. Most importantly, it requires providing references for information provenance tracing and validation.

You are warmly invited.





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