BPI cluster meeting 30May’18

This week we will have a guest presenter, Gabriele Modena from ImproveDigital company. The place of the presentation is Pav.K1.6 and time is between 12:30-13:30.


Machine Learning Methods in Adtech

Short Abstract:

Machine Learning systems are used in adtech to drive decision making, revenue, and personalise the user’s online experience. ML is used to answer questions such as is the visitor a human or a bot? What creative should be displayed in order to maximise the probability of a click? What is the optimal reserve price for an impression? How many clicks will a new ad-placement system get?

Typically we need to answer these questions several tens of thousands of times per second, under soft real-time constraints.

In this presentation we’ll give an overview of use cases in the industry, and how machine learning is used at scale in the Improve Digital platform.

 About the company:

Improve Digital has the All-in-One Advertising Platform for Publishers, Content Providers and Broadcasters. Improve Digital annouces its mission as building smart, efficient, and responsible digital businesses for its enterprise customers. It creates the technology that makes advertising marketplaces possible.

You are warmly invited.

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