BPI cluster meeting 16Oct’18

This week  Daniel Kapitan from Mediquest company will give a talk during our BPI cluster meeting. Timing is between 12:30-13:15 on 16th October 2018 in  room Pav. K.16.

The topic of the talk will be related to Healthcare and the title is

Project Nightingale: Machine learning as a catalyst for outcome-oriented care

Project Nightingale applies machine learning within the context of value-based healthcare. Given the need for better insight into outcomes, and the potential of predictive analytics for clinical decision support, results from pilot projects are presented, where:

* Compounded outcome measures relevant for shared-decision making are defined, using existing data dictionairies (ICHOM)

* Imbalanced learning is applied to identify high-risk patients prior to an intervention

* Results of machine learning are related to existing epidemiological research

Ultimately, the aim is to promote the use and understanding of machine learning in outcome-oriented healthcare.


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