BPI projects

Project examples:

  1. DaiPeX – Dinalog (Dutch Top Institute on Logistics) 
    New algorithms and software that can handle time-dependent, stochastic,planning problems, based on high-volume information in Cross Chain Control Centers (4C).
  2. GameBus – EIT Digital

    Valorization focused project to stimulate physical, cognitive and social healthy behavior across communities and generations of people.
  3. Continuous Personal Health – Philips, TU/e Flagship.  Develop data-driven, predictive solutions for the whole care continuum.
  4. Clinical Pathway Analysis – Philips, TU/e, Zhejiang University BrainBridge Program. Develop tools to analyze and study the performance of clinical pathways and clinical workflows.
  5. Analysis of travel time using public transportation. Collaboration with Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland.