MPM 2015

Welcome to the home page of the Ninth International Workshop on Multi-Paradigm Modeling (MPM’15)!

Multi-Paradigm Modeling (MPM) is a research field focused on solving the challenge of combining, coupling and integrating rigorous models of some reality, at different levels of abstraction and views, using modeling formalisms and semantic domains, with the goal of simulating or realizing systems that may be physical, software or a combination of both. The key challenges are finding adequate Modeling Abstractions, Multi-formalism Models, Model Transformations and applying MPM techniques and tools to Complex Systems. MPM theories/methods/technologies have been successfully applied in the fields of software architectures, control system design, model integrated computing and tool interoperability. The eighth Workshop on Multi-Paradigm Modeling (MPM) aims to further the state-of-the-art and define future directions of this emerging research area by bringing together world experts in the field for an intense one-day workshop.

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