Business Process Management Cluster

The research of the Business Process Management (BPM) is conducted against the insight that operational performance is most effectively managed in many domains by a focus on cross-functional business processes and the application of information technology.

Mission of the BPM cluster

The mission of the BPM cluster is to be one of the world’s leading research groups that deals with analysis, design, execution, and improvement of operational business processes. Dominant research topics of this group are: process modeling, workflow management, BPR, discrete event simulation, process mining, and reference models.

The Organizational Context of the BPM cluster

The research conducted in the BPM cluster takes place in the following organisational context:

Information Systems Group, School of Industrial Engineering, TU/e
Logistics and Healthcare Foci, BETA Research School

Industrial partners include:

Daimler AG, Germany
Deloitte Consulting, the Netherlands
ING Investment Management, the Netherlands
Pallas Athena, The Netherlands

Academic partners include:

Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Humboldt University Zu Berlin, Germany
Korea Advanced Institute of Sciences and Technology, South-Korea
Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Stevens Institute of Technology, USA
University of Innsbruck, Austria
University of Ulm, Germany

Projects within the BPM cluster

Workflow effectiveness

This project aims at determining the effectiveness of workflow technology to streamline the operational performance of organizations in the service industry in terms of process lead time, serice time, and resource utilization. Techniques that are applied in this context are process modeling, discrete event simulation, and process mining. This project is carried together with Deloitte.

Process redesign

We are working together with the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven to see how the diagnostic and treatment processes for patients with skin cancer can be improved. Various redesign best practices are considered, as well as the application of a workflow management system.

Intelligent redesign tools

This projects is funded by the Dutch Technology Foundation (STW) to develop IT tools that assist industrial process designers in delivering superior designs of their business processes. Focal areas are the use of the Product-Based Design methodology on the one hand and ‘redesign best practices’ on the other. The project is carried out in cooperation with Pallas Athena, ING Investment, and the municipality of Heusden.