BPM cluster meeting June 19: presentation by Konstantinos Traganos

In our next BPM cluster meeting, Konstantinos Traganos (master student BIS, supervised by Paul) will give a presentation about his work.


Many business domains are currently characterized by a move from an asset-orientation to a service-orientation: customers recognize that business value is not in owning assets, but in using the services offered by assets (which they do not need to own). This creates service-dominant business markets requiring high levels of agility.

Providers in these markets find their agility, however, heavily constrained by the business and IT platforms they use to deliver their services. Thus, there is a need for a structured way to business design in a service-dominant context.

De Lage Landen International B.V., operating in the service sector, is heading towards this trend and in order to achieve that transition they helped Eindhoven University of Technology in the development of a framework, called BASE/X, which will support the efforts of dealing with the agility of service-dominant business, dealing with the complexity of solution-oriented business (value-in-use) and dealing with multi-sided business models.

BASE/X is based on a structure of stable and flexible layers composing a pyramid (from top to bottom the layers are: Strategy, Business Model, Service Compositions and Business Services).

During past projects between De Lage Landen and TU/e, most of the concepts of BASE/X have been applied in practice. What is still needed is to put more focus on the Service Composition layer, which is the operationalization of the Business Models layer through composition of Business Services.

The business concepts of each layer require support in the form of business applications which in turn need support by underlying platforms. The current project is focusing on the realization of the support of the Service Composition layer with the help of the Business Process Management discipline. The main goal thus is to design an enterprise standard architecture for De Lage Landen which will be a blueprint for the organization of automated systems and processes that will help in the composition of new services and consequently support the agility and service-dominant businesses.

The scope is a prototype of service management in a Business Process Management Platform that will act as a Proof of Concept (PoC) that the realization of service compositions is feasible.

Keywords: service-dominance, agility, service compositions, standard architecture, business process management.