BPM cluster meeting March 19: presentation by Shaya Pourmirza

Agenda BPM Cluster Meeting Thursday March 19, 2015

1.  Announcements & any other business [12:30 – 12:40]

2.  Presentation by Shaya Pourmirza [12:40 – 13:30]

Title: A Software Architecture for a Dynamic Execution Engine

Abstract:  This presentation introduces a software architecture for a dynamic execution engine that facilitates the integration of an event processing engine with a process engine.
To this end, we present a scenario in which different components can interact to meet the following requirements:
(i) a user can monitor the current state of different tasks via the process engine w.r.t the events from the event processing engine;
(ii) a user can control different tasks remotely via mobile devices;
(iii) a user can dynamically apply changes to the currently running process instances.
A prototype of this software architecture is currently being implemented and evaluated in the GET Service Project.

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